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Drive in Movie Theaters Near Me

Where are the movies playing at the drive-in throughout the United States?

Drive-in movie theaters are a big part of United States history. During the 1950s and 1960s, Americans would have a date night or pack the kids into the station wagons and go see a movie.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, in the heyday of drive-ins in the 1950s, there were over 4,000 in the United States. Today only 310 are left and more are closing every year.

They were affordable, most had playgrounds and snack bars. There was nothing better than watching a first-run movie outside on the big screen.

Audio for the movie was on a pole that you parked next to and it hung on your car window or door.

Growing up I have many happy memories of going to the drive-in. As a kid, my parents took me to Valley Stream Drive-in and Bridgehampton Drive-in on Long Island all the time. It was great, we got to play on the playground for hours waiting for the movie to start. Then we got into our PJs and watched the movie. I bet lots of you have the same memories I have.

By the time my kids were small, so many drive-ins were already closed but every time we went on vacation we would check to see if there was one nearby and if so we were there watching that movie under the stars!

picture of a drive-in

Unfortunately today there aren’t many left. Forty-five out of the 50 states still have drive-in movie theaters. The top five states having the most drive-ins are New York (28), Pennsylvania (27), Ohio (24), Texas (20), and Indiana (19).

But we should all take a night back in time and go to a drive-in. Below is a list of what’s left as far as drive-ins around this country.

Drive in Movie Theaters in Alabama

Alabama once had nearly 100 drive-ins, today they only have 6 remaining.

A popular drive-in located in Leeds which has closed has been purchased by new owners. Construction is underway for a family fun complex including a new playground, mini-golf, a new snack bar, a restaurant with a brewery, and an area for live entertainment. We look forward to the Grand River Drive-in grand opening and wish the new owners luck.

  • 411 King Drive-In Theater & Grill, Centre
  • Cinematic Theater, Athens
  • Sands Mountain Drive-In, Boaz
  • Henagar Drive-In, Henagar
  • Blue Moon Drive-In, Guin
  • King Drive-In, Russellville


There are no drive in theaters operating in Alaska.

Arizona Drive In

At one point during the late 1950s, Arizona had over 50 drive-in theaters. Today only one remains. You would think that the climate of the state would allow for more.

West Wind Glendale 9 Drive-in, in Glendale, is a huge drive-in with 9 screens each screen showing a double-feature each night. The drive-in is only 10 miles from Phoenix and is opened year-round.

Movie Theaters in Arkansas

Arkansas had more than 50 drive-ins at one time, today they are down to only 3 (listed below).

  • 112 Drive-In Theater, Fayetteville
  • Kenda Drive-in, Marshall
  • Sone Drive-in Theater, Mountain View

Drive-in Movie Theaters in California

With a warmer climate, California was one of the first. states to open drive-ins with the first one opening in opening in 1938. At the time, there were only 15 drive-in theaters throughout the United States.

By the end of the 1960s, California had over 220 drive-in theaters with most of them being able to stay open year-round. Over the years although the number declined by 90%, California still has 16 drive-ins today making it one of the best places to catch a movie “under the stars”.

Here is a list of California’s remaining drive-in:

  • Skyline Drive-in, Barstow
  • Solano 2 Drive-in Theater, Concord
  • South Bay Drive-in, Imperial Beach
  • Vineland Drive-in, Industry
  • Lakeport Auto Movie Theater, Lakeport
  • Madera Drive-in, Madera
  • Mission Tiki Drive-in, Montclair
  • Paramount Twin Drive-in, Paramount
  • Rubidoux Drive-in, Riverside
  • Van Buren Drive-in, Riverside
  • West Wind Sacramento 6 Drive-in, Sacramento
  • Capital Drive-in Theater, San Jose
  • Sunset Drive-in, San Luis Obispo
  • Hi-way Drive-in, Santa Maria
  • Santee Drive-in, Santee
  • Smith’s Ranch Drive-in. Twentynine Palms

Colorado Drive-ins

Nine drive-ins still operate in Colorado.

  • Comanche Drive-in, Buena Vista
  • 88 Drive-in, Commerce City
  • Tru-Vu Drive-in, Delta
  • Denver Mart Drive-in, Denver
  • Holiday Twin Drive-in, Fort Collins
  • Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-in Theatre, Minturn
  • Best Western Movie Manor Drive-in, Monte Vista
  • Star Drive-in, Montrose
  • Mesa Drive-in, Pueblo

A note about Best Western Movie Manor: This is a very unique experience as this is a motel where you get to see the movie from your motel room with the sound coming through your TV. They even have an outside playground. I bet this is the only place in the world where you can watch a drive-in movie from your bed!

Connecticut Drive-ins

At one point during the 1960s, Connecticut had almost 40 drive-ins, today only 3 remain.

  • Pleasant Valley Drive-in, Barkhamsted
  • Mansfield Drive-in, Mansfield
  • Southington Drive-in Theatre, Southington


Delaware no longer has any remaining open drive-in theaters. The last one closed in 2008.

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Florida

You would think with year-round warm weather Florida would be a great state to have many drive-ins but there are only 7 out of the 115 they once had.

Of the remaining drive-ins, Swap Shop owns three of them in Fort Lauderdale, Lake Worth and Tampa. There Fort Lauderdale location is the largest drive-in in the United States with 14 screens. All of these theaters are open year-round.

  • Joy Lan Drive-in, Dade City
  • Swap Shop Drive-in, Fort Lauderdale
  • Swap Shop Drive-in Lake Worth, Lake Worth
  • Silver Moon Drive-in, Lakeland
  • Ocala Drive-in, Ocala
  • Ruskin Drive-in Theatre, Ruskin
  • Swap Shop Fun Lan Drive-in, Tampa

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Georgia

At the peak of the drive-in boom Georgia had about 130, today just like most states there are only 5 remaining.

  • Starlight 6 Drive-in, Atlanta
  • Swan Drive-in, Blue Ridge
  • Jesup Drive-in, Jesup
  • Tiger Drive-in, Tiger
  • Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theatre, Trenton


There are no drive-ins in Hawaii.

Idaho Drive-ins

Although a small state, Idaho has 6 drive-ins still opened. They are located here:

  • Terrace Drive-in, Caldwell
  • Spud Drive-in, Driggs
  • Sunset Auto-Vu Drive-in, Grangeville
  • Parma Drive-in, Parma
  • Teton Vu Drive-in, Rexburg
  • Idan-H Drive-in, Soda Springs

Drive-in Movies in Illinois

During its peak in the 1950s, Illinois had about 120 drive-in theater, today they have 9 remaining.

  • Skyview Drive-in, Belleville
  • Route 34 Drive-in, Earlville
  • Blue Moonlight Drive-in Theater, Galesburg
  • Harvest Moon Drive-in, Gibson City
  • Skyview Drive-in, Litchfield
  • McHenry Indoor/Outdoor Theater, McHenry
  • Fairview Drive-in, Newton
  • Route 66 Drive-in, Springfield
  • Midway Drive-in, Sterling

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Indiana

Once having over 120 drive-ins in the state, Indiana still has a large number with 19 making them in the top five states for the most drive-ins.

  • Starlite Drive-in, Bloomingdale
  • Canary Creek Outdoor Cinema, Franklin
  • Auburn Garrett Drive-in, Garrett
  • Georgetown Drive-in, Georgetown
  • Huntington Drive-in, Huntington
  • Tibbs Drive-in, Indianapolis
  • Melody Drive-in, Knox
  • Centerbrook Drive-in Theater, Martinsville
  • Holiday Drive-in, Mitchell
  • Lake Shore Drive-in, Monticello
  • Tri-Way Drive-in, Plymouth
  • Holiday Drive-in, Rockport
  • Skyline Drive-in, Shelbyville
  • Cinema 67 Drive-in, Spencer
  • Moon Lite Drive-in Theater, Terre Haute
  • 49er’s Drive-in Theater, Valparaiso
  • Bel-Air Drive-in, Versailles
  • 13-24 Drive-in, Wabash
  • Hummel Drive-in, Winchester

Iowa Drive-ins

With only 4 remaining drive-ins left in the state which had around 65, Iowa’s 61 Drive-in has the capacity of only 75 cars making it the smallest drive-in in the USA.

  • Blue Grass Drive-in Theater, Blue Grass (Not one of the original drive-ins in the state, it opened in 2014)
  • 61 Drive-in, Delmar
  • Valle Drive-in Theater, Newton
  • Superior 71 Drive-in, Spirit Lake

Drive-in Movies in Kansas

In the heyday of the drive-in, Kansas boosted over 125 however like most states, they are down to only 5.

  • South Drive-in, Dodge City
  • Kannapolis Drive-in, Kannapolis
  • Boulevard Drive-in Theatre, Kansas City
  • Midway Drive-in, Paola
  • Starlite Twin Drive-in, Wichita

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Kentucky

Drive-ins were big in Kentucky with over 120, today there are only 8 remaining. Most of the drive-ins were rural and small and were forced to close when digital took over and the theaters needed to update all its equipment.

  • Calvert Drive-in, Calvert City
  • Franklin Drive-in, Franklin
  • Skyline Drive-in, Greensburg
  • Sauerback Family Drive-in, LaGrange
  • Judy Drive-in, Mount Sterling
  • Bourbon Drive-in, Paris
  • 27 Twin Drive-in, Somerset
  • Stanford Drive-in, Stanford


There are no more drive-ins remaining in Louisiana.

Maine Drive-in Theaters

Maine was one of the first states have a drive-in (1938) when the Saco Drive-in operated. This drive-in is still opened today making it one of the oldest drive-ins around. Maine once had 39 drive-ins, today 7 remain, with Narrow Gauge being one of the newest drive-ins which opened in 2017.

  • Bridgton Drive-in, Bridgton
  • The Skylite Drive-in, Madawaska
  • Bangor Drive-in, Hermon
  • Saco Drive-in, Saco
  • Pride’s Corner Drive-in, Westbrook
  • Skowhegan Drive-in, Skowhegan
  • Narrow Gauge Cinemas, Farmington (also has inside theater)

Maryland Drive-in

There is only one drive-in remaining in Maryland, the Benegies Drive-in located in Middle River. At one point in time, Maryland had 42 drive-ins.

Drive-in Theaters in Massachusetts

Drive-ins were popular in Massachusetts since the first one opened in 1936 and they had 4 of the first fifteen in their state. However, of the years most of them closed leaving only 4 remaining.

  • Leicester Triple Drive-in, Leicester
  • Mendon Drive-in, Mendon
  • Wellfleet Drive-in Theatre, Wellfleet
  • Northfield Drive-in, Northfield (Opened in 1948 and is the oldest drive-in still opened on the east coast)

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Michigan

Once having over 100 drive-in theaters in the state of Michigan, today there is only 9 remaining. Fort Wyoming Drive-in has the capacity of 3,000 cars making it the largest drive-in as far as the number of cars in the United States.

  • Hi-Wa Y Drive-in, Carsonville
  • Capri Drive-in, Coldwater
  • Ford Wyoming Drive-in, Dearborn
  • Five Mile Drive-in, Dowagine
  • US23 Dive-in Theatre, Flint
  • Sunset Drive-in, Hartford
  • Cherry Bowl Drive-In, Honor
  • Getty 4 Drive-in, Muskegon
  • Simmer Drive-in at the USA Hockey Arena, Plymouth


During the 1950s Minnesota had over 80 drive-ins, today there are only 6 left.

  • Elko Drive-in, Elko New Market
  • Vali-Hi Drive-in, Lake Elmo
  • Starlite Drive-in 5, Litchfield
  • Long Drive-in Theatre, Long Prairie
  • Verne Drive-in, Luverne
  • Sky-Vu Drive-in, Warren

Mississippi Drive-in Theaters

Mississippi only has one remaining drive-in and it’s one of the smallest with in the United States with only 100 car capacity. Iuka Drive-in located in Iuka Mississippi opened in 1957 and continues to remain open today.

Drive-ins Missouri

There are still 9 drive-ins operating in the state of Missouri.

  • Sunset Drive-in, Aurora
  • Starlite Drive-in, Cadet
  • 66 Drive-in, Carthage
  • Highway 19 Drive-in, Cuba
  • Phoenix Drive-in, Houston
  • B&B Twin Drive-in, Independence
  • Barco Drive-in, Lamar
  • B&B Moberly Five and Drive Drive-in, Moberly
  • 21 Drive-in, Van Buen

Montana Drive-in Theaters

Montana is known for its outdoors and wilderness but at one point in time it had nearly 40 drive-ins. Today, there are only 2 remaining.

  • Amusement Park Drive-in,  (this theater is also an amusement park and only opened in 2004)
  • Silver Bow Drive-in, Butte (it opened in 1977, way after the heyday of drive-ins)

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Nebraska

Nebraska is the only state with a proposed drive-in which is scheduled to open in 2020. In fact, the drive-in is ready to open and is just waiting for the quartine to lift. Once having more than 40, today only a handful remain but it’s very exciting to see a new one open.

  • Sandhills Drive-in, Alliance
  • Falconwood Drive-in, Bellevue (near Omaha)
  • Starlite Drive-in, Neligh
  • Quasar Drive-in Theatre (proposed 2020 opening)

Nevada Drive-ins

Nevada was never a state with a lot of drive-in with only about 10 when they were famous. Today it’s no surprise they only have 2 remaining, one by Vegas and the other by Reno.

  • Westwind Las Vegas 6 Drive-in, North Las Vegas
  • ElRancho Drive-in, Sparks

New Hampshire Drive-in Theaters

This small cold-weather state never really had a large number of drive-ins, today only 3 remain.

  • Milford Drive-in, Milford
  • Northfield Drive-in, Hinsdale
  • Weirs Drive-in Theater, Weirs Beach

New Jersey Drive-in

The first drive-in theater in the United States opened in 1933 in Camden, New Jersey. Today Jersey only has one remaining, the Delsea Drive-in located in Vineland.

New Mexico Drive-in

Only one left in New Mexico too, Fort Union Drive-in in Las Vegas.

Drive-in Movie Theaters in New York

You wouldn’t think that a state with cold winters would house the most drive-in theaters in the United States. Although at one point in time New York has over 150, today they have 28, making them the top state in the country for drive-in theaters.

In the past drive-in were all over the state, however today there are none remaining downstate. Here is a list of all 28:

  • Bay Drive-in, Alexandria Bay
  • Four Brothers Drive-in Theater, Amenia
  • Finger Lakes Drive-in, Aurelius
  • Hollywood Drive-in, Averill Park
  • Vintage Drive-in, Avon
  • Malta Drive-in, Malta
  • Elmira Drive-in, Big Flats
  • Ozoner 29 Drive-in, Broadalbin
  • HiWay Drive-in, Coxsackie
  • Delevan Twin Drive-in, Delevan
  • Glen Drive-in, Queensbury
  • Jericho Drive-in, Glenmont
  • Greenville Drive-in, Greenville
  • Hyde Park Drive-in, Hyde Park
  • Transit Drive-in, Lockport
  • Valley Brook Drive-in, Lyons Falls
  • 56 Auto Drive-in, Massena
  • Sunset Drive-in, Middleport
  • Fair Oaks Drive-in, Middletown
  • Overlook Drive-in Theater, Poughkeepsie
  • Hathaway Twin Drive-in, North Hoosick
  • Midway Drive-in Theater, Fulton
  • Black River Drive-in, Watertown
  • Silver Lake Twin Drive-in, Perry
  • Warwick Drive-in Theater, Warwick
  • Unadilla Drive-in, Unadilla
  • El Rancho Drive-in Theater, Palatine Bridge
  • Portville Drive-in Theater, Portville

For more information see my post on Drive-in Movie Theaters in New York.

North Carolina Drive-in Theaters

North Carolina was a state that was known for drive-ins during the boom with over 200 at one point. Almost all of them have closed with only 6 remaining.

However 2 of these drive-ins have opened up in recent years, the Hounds Drive-in opened in 2016 and the newly opened (May 2019) Stateline Movie time Drive-in. Stateline is on the North and South Carolina border and only 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach. So remember them while vacationing in the area for a fun night out.

The new opening brings hope to the future of drive-ins in North Carolina.

  • Badin Road Drive-in, Albermarle
  • Eden Drive-in Theatre, Eden
  • Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre, Henderson
  • Hounds Drive-in, Kings Mountain
  • Sunset Drive-in, Shelby
  • Stateline Movie Time Drive-in Theater, Tabor City

North Dakota

There are no remaining drive-ins in North Dakota. The last one closed in 2012.

popcorn and movie ticket

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Ohio

Ohio was one of the early states with the first drive-in opening in 1937 and by the end of the 1940s, there were more than 80. During the 50s and 60s Ohio was one of the states with the most drive-in at 190. Today they are #3 in the country with 24 remaining drive-ins, listed below:

  • Starlite Drive-in, Amelia
  • Magic City Drive-in, Barberton
  • Melody 49 Twin Drive-in, Brookville
  • Mayfield Road Drive-in, Chardon
  • South Drive-in, Columbus
  • Holiday Auto Theater, Hamilton
  • Hi-Road Drive-in, Kenton
  • Skyview Cruise-in Theater, Lancaster
  • Liberty Center Field of Dream Drive-in, Liberty Center
  • Springmill Drive-in, Mansfield
  • Starlight Drive-in, Maria Stein
  • Van-Del Drive-in, Middle Point
  • Auto-O-Rama Drive-in Theater, North Ridgeville
  • Star View Drive-in, Norwalk
  • Sundance Kid Drive-in, Oregon
  • Midway Drive-in, Ravenna
  • Auto View Drive-in, Sidney
  • Lynn Auto Theater, Strasburg
  • Tiffin Field of Dreams Drive-in, Tiffin
  • Dixie Twin Drive-in, Vandalia
  • Blue Sky Drive-in, Wadsworth
  • ELM Road Triple Drive-in, Warren
  • Skyway Twin Drive-in, Warren
  • Winter Drive-in, Wintersville

Oklahoma Drive-in Movie Theaters

At one point in time during the late 1950s Oklahoma had almost 100 drive, today sadly there are only 7 remaining. One of these was just opened in 2018 when Cool Breeze RV Park opened up a drive-in as part of the RV park. What a great concept.

  • Chief Drive-in, Chickasha
  • Beacon Drive-in, Guthrie
  • Winchester Drive-in, Oklahoma City
  • Tower Drive-in, Poteau
  • El-Co Drive-in Theatre, Shattuck
  • Cool Breeze RV Cinema & resort, Springer (opened in 2018 and is an RV park with a drive-in)
  • Admiral Twin Drive-in, Tulsa (the largest theater in Oklahoma with 2 large screens and a car capacity of over 1000)

Oregon Drive-ins

Today 4 drive-ins remain out of 70 that were once in Oregon. However, one of them, the Hi-way Haven, is actually an RV park that was built in an old drive-in so you need to be camping at the RV park to see the movies that they show.

  • LaGrande Drive-in, LaGrande
  • M&F Drive-in, Freewater
  • 99W Drive-in, Newberg
  • Hi-way Haven RV Park, Sutherlin

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania the second largest state as far as the number of drive-ins at 27. At one point in the heyday of the 1950s, there were over 180 in the state. Being in a cold-weather state, just like New York and Ohio (the states with the most drive-ins), these theaters are all seasonal usually opened between the end of April through the end of October.

Here are the remaining drive-ins in Pennsylvania:

  • Starlight Drive-in, Butler
  • Becky’s Drive-in, Berlinsville
  • Moonlight Drive-in, Brookville
  • Skyview Twin Drive-in, Carmichaels
  • Carrolltown Hi-Way Drive-in, Carrolltown
  • Super 322 Drive-in, Clearfield
  • The Comet Drive-in, Connelsville
  • Circle Drive-in, Dickson City
  • Haar’s Drive-in, Dillsburg
  • Sky-Vu Drive-in, Gratz
  • Brownsville Drive-in, Grindstone
  • Garden Drive-in, Hunlock Creek
  • Palace Garden Drive-in, Indiana
  • Silver Drive-in, Johnstown
  • Family Drive-in, Kane
  • Mahoning Drive-in, Lehighton
  • Midway Drive-in, Mifflintown
  • Pike Drive-in, Montgomery
  • Dependable Drive-in, Moon
  • Evergreen Drive-in, Mount Pleasant
  • Cumberland Drive-in Theater, Newville
  • Riverside Drive-in, North Vandergrift
  • Point Drive-in Theater, Northumberland
  • Shankweiler’s Drive-in, Orefield
  • Bar Ann Drive-in, Portage
  • Sunset Drive-in, Waterford
  • Moonlite Drive-in, West Wyoming

Rhode Island Drive-in Theaters

There was never a lot of drive-ins in the small state of Rhode Island. It once had 15, today the remaining 2 are listed below:

  • Rushe Tri-View Drive-in Theatre, North Smithfield
  • Misquamicut Drive-in Theatre, Westerly

South Carolina Drive-ins

Out of 70 drive-ins in the state of South Carolina during its peak, today only 3 remain.

  • Highway 21 Drive-in, Beamfort
  • Auto Drive-in, Greenwood
  • Monetta Drive-in Theater, Monetta

South Dakota Drive-in Movie Theaters

South Dakota once had 31 drive-ins, today it has 6 left. Although this is a small number, South Dakota has the biggest number per capita than any other state. Its ratio is 1 drive-in for every 150,000 people as the average state has 1 drive-in for every million people.

Here is a list of the remaining drive-ins in South Dakota:

  • Hilltop Drive-in, Gregory
  • Roy’s Black Hills Twin Drive-in, Hermosa
  • Midway Drive-in, Miller
  • Pheasant Drive-in, Mobridge
  • Pheasant City Drive-in, Redfield
  • Winner Drive-in, Winner

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Tennessee

At one point this state had a lot of drive-ins with over 100, now they have 13 remaining which is still a good number considering some other states.

  • Swingin’ Midway Drive-in, Athens
  • Twin City Drive-in, Bristol
  • Birdsong Drive-in, Camden
  • Pink Cadillac Drive-in, Centerville
  • Stateline Drive-in, Elizabethtown
  • Montana Drive-in Theatre, Estill Springs
  • Macon Drive-in, Lafayette
  • Hi-Way 50 Drive-in, Lewisburg
  • Parkway Drive-in, Maryville
  • Summer Quartet Drive-in, Memphis
  • Sparta Drive-in, Sparta
  • Stardust Drive-in Theatre, Watertown
  • Moonlite Drive-in, Woodbury

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Texas

At one time, Texas had the most drive-ins in the United States with over almost 400. Today even thou Texas is in the top 5 states in the number of drive-ins, they only have 20 remaining.

  • Town and Country Drive-in, Abilene
  • Tascosa Drive-in, Amarillo
  • Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-in, Austin
  • Doc’s Drive-in Theater, Buda
  • Sandell Drive-in, Clarendon
  • Fiesta Drive-in, El Paso
  • Galaxy Drive-in Theater, Ennis
  • Coyote Drive-in, Fort Worth
  • The Last Drive-in Picture Show, Gatesville
  • Graham Drive-in, Graham
  • Brazos Drive-in, Granbury
  • Showboat Drive-in. Hockley
  • The Globe Drive-in Theater, Hutto
  • Stars and Stripes Drive-in, Lubbock
  • Wes-Mer Drive-in, Mercedes
  • Big Sky Drive-in, Midland
  • Stars and Stripes Drive-in, New Braunfels
  • Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-in Round Rock, Round Rock
  • Mission Drive-in, San Antonio
  • Apache Drive-in, Tyler

Note: Fiesta Drive-in only shows adult movies and is not a family drive-in.

Utah Drive-in Theaters

Utah never was a state that had a lot of drive-ins but there still have 5 of which 3 of them are in the Salt Lake City area.

  • Basin Drive-in, Mount Pleasant
  • Motor Vu Drive-in, Riverdale
  • Echo Drive-in, Roosevelt
  • Redwood Drive-in Theatre, Salt Lake City (the largest in Utah with 6 screens)
  • Motor Vu Theatre, Toole

Vermont Drive-ins

Vermont is such a cold-weather state that never had a lot of drive-ins with about 40 during its peak. Today 3 remain and are listed below:

  • Bethel Drive-in, Bethel
  • Sunset Drive-in, Colchester
  • Fairlee Drive-in Theater, Fairlee

Virginia Drive-in Theaters

Once having over 140, today there are 6 drive-ins left. Hull’s Drive-in in Lexington was the first non-profit drive-in in the United States. Members of the community purchased it in 2000 saving it from closing.

  • Starlite Drive-in, Christiansburg
  • Goochland Drive-in Theatre, Hadensville
  • Hull’s Drive-in, Lexington
  • Park Place Drive-in, Marion
  • Central Drive-in, Norton
  • Family Drive-in, Stephens City

Washington Drive-in Movies

There are 5 remaining drive-ins in Washington and 4 of them are in the Seattle area, so when you are visiting Seattle make sure to stop at one of them.

  • Rodeo Triple Drive-in, Bremerton
  • Auto Vue Drive-in Theatre, Colville
  • Blue Fox Drive-in, Oak Harbor
  • Wheel-in Motor Movie, Port Townsend
  • Skyline Drive-in, Shelton

Drive in Movie Theaters in West Virginia

West Virginia had around 75 drive-ins by the late 1950s, today there are 6 remaining.

  • Pipestem Drive-in, Athens
  • Hilltop Drive-in, Chester
  • Warner Drive-in, Franklin
  • Meadow Bridge Drive-in, Meadow Bridge
  • Sunset Drive-in, Shinnston

Drive-in Movie Theaters in Wisconsin

Since 2000, three drive-ins have opened in Wisconsin which is encouraging for the future of them in the state. However, once there were almost 60. Today there are 8 remaining as follows:

  • Stardust Drive-in, Chetek
  • Chilton Twilight Drive-in, Chilton
  • Skyway Drive-in, Fish Creek
  • Field of Scenes Drive-in, Freedom
  • Hi-way 18 Outdoor Theatre, Jefferson
  • Sky Vu Drive-in, Monroe
  • Moonlight Drive-in, Shawano
  • Big Sky Drive-in, Wisconsin Dells

Wyoming Drive-in

The last remaining drive-in in Wyoming is the American Drive-in located in Powell.

Final Thoughts

The drive-in movies are so much more than just seeing a movie. It’s all about the experience of spending time with your family, your sufficient other, your friends and enjoying a different kind of night. Enjoying a night like our parents/grandparents did, back in the Fifties when life was so much simpler and carefree. It’s all about playing on the swings and eating a hot dog and popcorn from the backseat of your car.

The drive-ins are all about seeing that movie and not remembering the movie but remembering how bright the stars were that night.

So pack your family into the car and head to a drive-in movie. Watching the movies under the stars may bring you back to another era in time and will be a different experience for your family.

Although there are many drive-ins remaining let’s hope that they will remain open for a long time so we all can continue to share these memories.

Kathy xoxo

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  1. I love the drive in! Whenever I think of it I always picture the movie, Grease! Haha!
    I love going to them and sitting in the back of a truck with a blanket!

  2. Yay for drive in movie theaters! I’ve only been to one and that was in another state but it was so much fun. It’s just a unique experience I think that everyone should experience at some point! Hull’s Drive In would be the closest to me in Virginia and I didn’t even know they had one. That would be a fun short road trip.

  3. Drive in movies are so fun! I haven’t been to one since I was a kid. We live fairly close to one of the ones in Indiana, so we’ll have to take the kids some time once things re-open!

    1. You kids will love it and the drive-ins will be opening sooner than the movie theaters, in some states some are already opened.

  4. I LOVE drive-ins. I really wish they were more accessible where I live in Southern California. I have been to one of the Riverside drive-ins. So much fun and very cost effective. This is a great resource for those whole the nostalgia of a good movie under the stars.

  5. Some of my favourite summer memories in the ’80s were watching movies at the drive-in theatre, like Star Wars, ET and my favourite, Dirty Dancing! So wish we had more of them here in Canada, I’m saving this list for when we can travel into the States so we can hit up a drive-in theatre again!

    1. Dirty Dancing, wow one of my favorite movies! When we travel and we go on a lot of road trips I always look to see if a drive-in is in the area. I love seeing all of the different ones that why I wrote this post.

  6. I am live in TX and proud to see Doc’s Drive in on here! They are near me and love them. I had to click on your post to see if they were on here.

  7. I remember going to the drive-in movies in Jamaica as a child. Unfortunately we do not have these anymore but I do remember it was such fun! Thanks for this post…it brought back memories. I completely forgot this existed.

    1. Your welcome, it great to remember all the fun we had at the drive-in, I have many happy memories with my parents there.

  8. I live in Maine and only knew about two of these! LOL! Thanks for the info! We love them!

  9. We used to live in Wichita Kansas and have been to the Starlight Drive-In many times. They have a digital projector and the speakers are pretty good. Of course it’s best to listen over the radio. Our whole family really enjoyed packing up the cooler and making a night of it.

    1. I also love going to the drive-in and although I don’t live near one I live in New York which has the most and when we travel upstate we can whenever we can.

  10. This is such an AWESOME post! I saw one on your list that is near me and I didn’t even know it was there. We always go to a different one. Thank you so much for sharing this. I would love to add it to our vacation plans!

  11. Drive in movies were so much fun to go to when I was younger. We don’t have any in our area right now, but with the changing times, maybe one day we will have them again.

  12. I recently went to Atlanta’s Starlight 6 Drive-in for the first time! It was my first time visiting a drive-in theater and def a bucket list item that I got to check off. Very fun experience!

  13. Fun post! One of the drive-ins you listed, the one in Newberg, Oregon, is in the town where I grew up. I have been there a few times, but need to go again. Thanks for sharing all of these!

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