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Hi, I’m Kathy and I work full time at a boring desk job like some of you. All my life I’ve always looked forward to traveling especially in the United States. When I was younger, I treasured this time with my husband Gerry, and our girls (who are now grown and have their own lives).

The excitement of experiencing new places and seeing different things always appealed to me. I always and still do love planning that perfect trip.
An overwhelming feeling of freedom hits us as we approach the George Washington Bridge (yes, we live in New York, on Long Island).

We love going to the mountains and exploring state and national parks. Also hiking and biking and exploring beaches, lakes and waterfalls. We appreciate viewing wildlife in their own surroundings. We cherish the many things that traveling throughout the United States brings.

Since we love the outdoors, camping was the obvious next step on our journey. We purchased our first RV ( a travel trailer) over 10 years ago and knew nothing about the lifestyle that we’ve come to treasure.

It was a simple used RV with bunk beds and no slides.  With the girls almost grown, it was perfect for our family. We knew nothing about owning a camper, what we needed in it or how we would really use it. Over the years we learned and a few years ago brought “our retirement” RV. We currently own an Outdoor RV, 34-foot travel trailer with 2 slides. We felt we would need the extra room as we plan on traveling more.

Gerry will be retiring in about 2 years and I have some years to go.  We have lots on our bucket list of places and things in the United States that we want to see and experience.  But for now, we plan our trips making the most of the time we have. 

Being on the East Coast, most of our trips involve these states.  We occasionally get out west.  So this blog will be about our travels mostly on the east coast with some trips further away.

We also have a small family cabin upstate New York in Margaretville.  We spend weekends enjoying our time exploring all over upstate New York and the many things it has to offer. 

I love that camping gives you the freedom to travel and still sleep in our own bed at night.  It gives you the freedom to explore places on an affordable budget.  It gives you the freedom to see our beautiful country and the many places that make America what it is.  Different cultures, mountains to beaches, flat land to over 10,000 ft altitude, rving gives you the ability to experience all that life has to offer.

We use our trailer like most people use hotel rooms except the freedom of rving allows us to stay in the most beautiful places surrounded by nature. This blog will be about all the wonderful places that we’ve been too and our experiences of owning an RV. 

Like most people that love to go camping, we are never going to sell our house and go full time on the road.  I find most blogs are about living full time in your RV.  Sometimes that idea sounds great but we don’t have that in our blood.  I envy those people and love to read about all of their adventures.  But most of you are going to enjoy your RV on weekends and on vacation and once you retire will go out for longer periods of time but will always come home.  Not all folks were made to live on the road full time.

This blog is for you if you can’t wait to get on the road. I always say I feel like a gypsy when we hit that first bridge with the excitement of our unknown adventure that waits ahead. This blog is for you if you cherish every moment camping and plan every adventure to make the most of it and see and experience all you can.

This blog is for you if you love to travel and see this beautiful country as much as we do!