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Things To Do In the Upper Peninsula

There are so many things to do in the  Upper Peninsula that you can really spend weeks there exploring. It spans 325 miles in length and only has one interstate. Eighty-four percent of it was covered in forest, making it an outdoor enthusiast’s heaven. Many people flock here every year to enjoy outdoor recreation at its best. With over 200 waterfalls, 4300 inland lakes, 12000 miles of river and streams and border 3 of the great lakes, the Upper Peninsula is a nature lover’s paradise.

Things to do in the Upper Peninsula (all regions)

Eat a Pasty

Eat a pasty as the miners did years ago. It is meat, potatoes, and onions wrapped in a crust. You won’t have any problem finding a location that has them. You can even buy them frozen in the supermarket!

Watch a Lake Superior Sunset

Nothing is more beautiful than watching the sunset over Lake Superior.


There are 10 casinos throughout the Upper Peninsula. Kewadin Casino operates facilities in Christmas, St. Ignace, Manistique, Sault Ste Marie and Hessel. Kings Club Casino is located in Brimley, Northern Waters Casino in Watersmeet, MI, the Island Resort & Casino in Harris and Ojibwa Casino in Baraga and Marquette, MI. So when you’re visiting the UP, try your luck at any of these casinos and enjoy!

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Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale National Park has been on my bucket list for years. You see I love seeing moose in the wild and read a long time ago that moose are on the island as well as many other species of wildlife. A national park since 1931, it’s one of the least visited national parks probably because it’s not easy to get to. As it takes much planning, but it’s a wilderness paradise and once you go you will want to go back!

Isle Royale National Park is a hiker’s paradise. With no roads on the island, the only way to get around is to hike or boat from one part of the island to the other and to the many islands around the main island that make up the park. The main island is 45 miles long by 9 miles wide. The island is open from mid-April to October depending on the weather.

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25 Fall Bucket List Activities

As summer is coming to an end, it’s time to think about your fall bucket list activities.  Fall is my favorite time of you with cooler days and crisp sweatshirt nights, the fall season offers something for everyone to enjoy before the long cold days of winter. So get outside and make the most of the beautiful colors that Mother Nature gives us this time of year.

Pumpkins on a lawn

1. Pumpkin Picking

I’ve been going pumpkin picking since I was little and have beautiful memories of going out east on Long Island with my cousins trying to find that perfect pumpkin. What are your memories of pumpkin picking?

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Old Fall River Road

Old Fall River Road is a must-see when visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. This one-way, 9-mile narrow dirt road begins outside the entrance to the park and runs parallel to the Fall River. There are no guide rails and is very steep at times. The road starts at 8,558’ above sea level and ends at the Alpine Visitors Center which is at 11,796’above sea level.

We allowed a full day for our trip on Old Fall River Road. We drive a 23’ long crew cab pickup truck and at times we were not able to make the turns without maneuvering our truck several times. It is recommended that no vehicles over 25’ be on this curvy road and absolutely no trailers.

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20 Weekend Getaways from NYC

Sometimes you just need a break and let’s face it, we all could use a change of scenery which helps us relax and can do wonders for our attitudes. But with work and other responsibilities getting in the way, it’s just hard to get on that plane or take that long drive. We also love to camp but sometimes it’s just not worth taking the camper on a short trip (yes remember we live on Long Island and need to go over the New York City bridges to go just about anywhere). So this is when a weekend trip getaway from NYC comes to mind.

Over the years we have taken many of these trips, so check the following list to see where you want to take your next fast getaway to. I’ve also taken many of these trips with my friends (girl’s weekend) that we look forward to every year.

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Pine Creek Gorge Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon Guide

The Pine Creek Gorge Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon is located in the Tioga National Forest is an area known as the “PA Wilds”. The gorge covers 165,000 acres of pristine mountains and beauty.  It’s an outdoor adventurer’s dream.

There are many outdoor activities in the area from biking the Pine Creek Rail Trail to many miles of hiking trails and paddling Pine Creek. There are several state parks in the area that offer stunning views of the gorge and have their own programs for you to experience. I’ve put together a list of things to see and do so you can enjoy the Pine Creek Gorge Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon.

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Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park was never really on our bucket list. When you think of what national parks you really want to see the Badlands doesn’t usually come to mind. But a few years ago very unexpectedly we took a trip from New York to Wyoming because we brought an RV travel trailer and we decided instead of having it shipped we would make an adventure of picking it up.

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Things To Do in The White Mountains, NH

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are an incredible place to vacation. There is something for everyone, young and old, to see and do in this beautiful area surrounded by some of the highest mountains on the east coast. These are some of the destinations you should consider when planning your trip here.

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Killens Pond State Park

Killens Pond State Park and Campground (opened all year) is located in Felton Delaware in Kent County about 13 miles south of Dover just off Route 13. This park has so much to offer with a big beautiful pond, fishing, boating, playgrounds, picnic area, camping, and rental cabins. It is one of the nicest state parks we’ve visited.

Killens Pond

Killens Pond is a 66-acre body of water located along the Murderkill River and allows non-motorized boating. This park surrounds the pond with a day-use area on one side and the campground located on the other. The day-use area offers a water park, nature center, boat rentals, disc golf, fishing, and picnic pavilion area.

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The Ultimate Guide to Chincoteague Island VA

Chincoteague Island is a small-town beach community (only 7 miles long and 3 miles wide) that has that southern charm that makes it so special with so much to explore and do. Waking up to beautiful sunrises and ending your day with stunning sunsets, Chincoteague should be on your list of places to visit, at least once if not more, in your lifetime. Chincoteague has something for everyone from families with young children to retired folks, this community is one to be enjoyed.  

Chincoteague Islands Wild Ponies

Go see the Wild Ponies

In my opinion, this is the real reason everyone goes to Chincoteague, the wild ponies.  They are simply beautiful in their own environment and are truly a sight to see.  It’s a short ride from anywhere on the island to get to Assateague Island National Seashore where you can experience these fine animals.

The ponies are “owned” by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department and they give them healthcare and food when needed.  They are allowed to live on Assateague Island by a special permit from the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

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