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Sight & Sound Theatre PA & MO

Sight & Sound Theatre building in PA


Sight & Sound Theatre production was founded by Glenn and Shirley Eshelman. They are a husband and wife team who started at their local church in 1964 with a slideshow production and then in the 1970s took their show all across the United States.

In 1976 they decided to open up “Living Waters Theatre in Lancaster PA and this was the start of Sight & Sound Theatre. They added to these shows each year and in 1987 the first full biblical show, Behold the lamb was opened.

This show was very popular and after a few years, they needed a bigger theater. In 1991, the location where they are today in Lancaster opened its doors. However, in 1997, a fire destroyed the building but just 18 months later the 2000 plus seat theater, which is there today, opened.

Angels at Sight & Sound Theatre

The building is stunning and you feel enlightened as you walk into the grant doors. I’ve been here many times but recently took my friends during our girl shopping weekend to Lancaster. They were amazed from the minute we pulled into the parking lot and saw this beautiful building.

In 2008, Sight & Sound opened up another theater, this one in the Ozark Mountains in Branson, Missouri. An identical theater as the one in Lancaster was built which draws hundreds of thousand people each year.

Productions travel from one location to the other. And yes they are really productions. The sets are stunning, more then you could imagine unless you saw them. Up to 4 stories high, the set is over 300 feet and designed for the front stage as well as side stages for a panoramic view.

Sight & Sound Theatre Lancaster PA

Miracle of Christmas

I’ve seen the Miracle of Christmas several times now and each time I seem to enjoy it more and more. It starts at the beginning of why God’s people need a savior. Then the angel Gabrielle comes to Mary and tells her she is carrying Jesus.

You see the story comes to life with real animals. In this play, there were horses, donkeys, camel, sheep, and lamas. “Flying angels” are seen throughout the story. It just amazes me how real the characters all become right in front of you.

Elaborate sets

The scenery is also beautiful and detailed and very elaborate. From a building on fire with smoke to the many houses and then the stable where Jesus is born. They tell the story of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.

The Miracle of Christmas has been performed numerous times since the interception of the theatre and although the story is the same each year it is changed making it a little different from year to year. They also add some humor to the show just to keep it interesting.

Sky and clouds

Queen Esther

For the 2020 season, the Sight & Sound Theater will be showing another gala production, Queen Esther. It’s the story of a Jewish girl who becomes the queen of the Persian Empire when she marries her husband, the King. The only thing is that he really doesn’t know that she is Jewish.

This story is the most popular one of the Old Testament in the Book of Esther. She will follow God’s plan for her as she lives her life with courage and integrity to help her people.

As with all of Sight & Sounds production, this will be no different. Magnificent sets and costumes, live aminals, spectacular music, and special effects.

When visiting Sight & Sound Theater remember to visit the Amish Country Lancaster PA where you can experience farm living and how the Amish people live.

Sight & Sound Theatre Branson, MO

Miracle of Christmas

The Miracle of Christmas is also playing now through the end of 2019 in Branson. See above for details.

Noah the Musical playing at Sight & Sound in Branson in 2020

Noah the Musical

The story of Noah the Musical has been their most popular play throughout the years and had been shown in Lancaster many times. It makes its return for another season in Branson on March 7, 2020, and is running until December 31, 2020.

It’s a grant performance with live animals, stunning sets and beautiful music performed live on stage. It is based on the frictional story from the Book of Genesis.

Noah was called upon from God to save a pair of every living species on earth during the flood that God created. This flood lasted for 40 days and 40 nights until the earth was covered in water.

Noah not only saved his family and all the animals on earth, but he also saved all of mankind. After that God promised Noah that He would not destroy the earth with a flood again.

Group Sales

Group tickets and bus parking is also available. Please call the theatre in advance to make arrangements for bus parking. The theater offers a 5% discount for all groups of 15 or more adults. Also if more than 25 people, the 5% discount is given on top of the 25th seat is free and thereafter every 25th seat is free. These discounts are offered on adult tickets only.

Sight & Sound Ticket Prices

At both Sight & Sound locations, the ticket prices are the same for any seat in the house. One price for adults and one price for children 3 to 12 depending on the day and the time of the performance. Branson shows are a little cheaper then Lancaster but I believe that’s just because of the location and definitely not the quality of the performances.


  • Adults prices range from $64 to $84 depending on the time and date of the performance, Friday and Saturday night tickets are the $84 range while weekday and daytime performances start at $64.
  • Children 3 to 12 all tickets no matter the time of day is $34.
  • Children 3 and under are always free


  • Adult tickets range from $53 to $56 also depending on the day and time of shows. Weekends are the most expensive tickets.
  • Children 3 to 12 are $26
  • Children 3 and under are always free.

Jesus, coming to the Big Screen

Jesus ran for almost 2 years in Lancaster and it was filmed during a live performance by Fathom Events. It is coming to the big screen in select movie theaters across the nation for 3 days only April 7, 9 and 11, 2020. Tickets are already on sale. See the story of Jesus during Holy Week. Check this site for details and to purchase tickets.

Other Sight & Sound shows that were made into movies were Jonah in 2017, Moses in 2018, and Noah in 2019. These shows are available at Amazon on DVD or you can also stream them with prime video.

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  1. I used to go to the theatre for Christmas when I was younger! Such a great way to get in the holiday spirit I think. And ticket prices are not bad for these shows!

    1. I live in NY and a Broadway show these days are crazy expensive, I think these shows are more elaborate then Broadway and much cheaper

  2. How amazing they include real animals in the Christmas story? And I bet the flying angels really bring the story to life!

  3. Wow, seems like they put on some great performances. Pricing is also reasonable for a theater production. I imagine the Miracle of Christmas is very popular 🙂

  4. I now live in a country where there aren’t many plays during December and I miss going to theatre so much, especially during Christmas. Great article!

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