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Majestic Moose at Fishercap Lake: a Glacier Park Gem

Welcome to Fishercap Lake

There is nothing like seeing a moose in the wild and Fishercap Lake in Glacier National Park is a great place to see one.  Here is one of the park’s hidden treasures, perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Fishercap Lake is not only accessible with a short easy hike, but it’s also one of the most reliable spots to see the majestic moose in their natural habitat. Just a short walk away from the popular Swiftcurrent Motor Inn, the lake serves as a stage for an array of wildlife activities, with an emphasis on moose watching.

You can’t go to Glacier without hiking the Fishercap Lake trail. The easy terrain invites hikers of all levels to indulge in the beauty of the park without the strain of steep inclines. On my recent visit, I was graced by the sight of a cow moose in the lake and her calves grazing by the water’s edge, an image that encapsulates the essence of this incredible park. The lake’s setting describes a tranquil, unspoiled corner of wilderness, idyllic for photographers, families, and hikers alike.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wildlife Haven: Fishercap Lake presents unmatched opportunities for viewing moose in Glacier National Park.
  • Accessible Adventure: An easy hike from Swiftcurrent Motor Inn makes the lake accessible to visitors of all ages and skill levels.
  • Nature’s Stage: Calm waters and a serene environment provide a peaceful retreat for nature lovers.

Getting to Fishercap Lake

Fishercap Lake is in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park. As we drove along the winding glacier road, the anticipation of an encounter with nature’s gentle giants grew with every mile.  Drive past the Many Glacier Hotel and the Grinnell Glacier parking lot toward Swiftcurrent Motor Inn and park at the end of the parking lot where you see the Swiftcurrent eatery and gift shop. 


The last gas station is in Babb before hitting the Many Glacier Road, so make sure your tank is filled before heading over to Many Glacier. Gas on the east side of Glacier National Park is expensive, much more than in other surrounding areas so if possible always 

The Fishercap Lake Trail Experience

A short stroll from the inn, we found the Swiftcurrent Pass trailhead, which takes you to many places including Redrock Lake and Redrock Falls.

Bear left off the buildings onto Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead. After walking about 200-300 feet you will come to a fork in the trail, bare left, and head towards Redrock Falls and Lake. (This is also a beautiful hike to a lake and at the end of the lake is a nice waterfall.)

Fishercap Lake is an easy short hike (totaling .6 miles round trip) which is more like a stroll in the woods simple enough for hikers of all levels and yet offering a payoff nothing short of spectacular. You can’t see the lake from the trail. The trail to the lake is not well-marked. When you see an unmarked narrow path on your left, take it down to the lake. If you miss this path, as many do, and walk further on the trail you will come to a small low-to-the-ground sign that points out to take that path to Fishercap Lake.

Once you reach the bottom of this trail going through the line of trees you come to the small pristine Fishercap Lake. Here you can feel the quietness of this Glacier gem.

Remember if you don’t see a moose right away, wait patiently by the water’s edge to see if one comes upon you. As always in the wilderness, there is no guarantee you will see a moose but Fishercap Lake offers one of the best possibilities in Glacier National Park.

Wildlife Encounters

In the quest for moose, Fishercap Lake did not disappoint. Even with it being midday when the trail faded into the lake the first glance was a beautiful moose cow in the middle of the lake eating. As her head and neck went under the water for vegetation we discovered two more smaller moose cows on the water’s edge. 

Moose on Fishercap Lake in Glacier National Park

Watching such magnificent creatures in their natural habitat was a moment of pure awe. These beautiful animals look like gentle giants but stay your distant and always remember to give wildlife room to roam. We stayed quietly and watched them for more than half an hour when we decided it was time to leave.

Visiting Fishercap, you stand a good chance of spotting moose, especially in the early mornings or late evenings when they come to the lake to drink and graze. Remember to stay at a safe distance; moose may look calm but can be unpredictable, especially when with their young. Carrying bear spray is a wise precaution, not just for the potential of moose but for the grizzly bears roaming the area. Always make noise to avoid startling any wildlife, and heed all park guidelines to keep both you and the animals safe.

On our ride back to East Glacier where we were staying we kept a watch out for bears and other wildlife. Although we didn’t see any grizzly bear or black bear that day we saw many white-tailed deer.

Note: Always keep a watch out for cattle and horses as in this part of Montana, cattle and horses graze right along the side of the road.

Planning Your Visit

Before packing your gear and hitting the road to Glacier National Park’s Fishercap Lake, timing is key. Spotting moose is often a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Your best bet for a moose sighting is during the early mornings or late evenings when these magnificent creatures are most active. Keep in mind that the serene environment during these hours not only increases your chances but also enhances the overall experience.

Never underestimate the wilderness; safety comes first. Carrying bear spray is not just recommended, it’s a necessity in these bear-inhabited lands. Ensure that you know how to use it and have it readily accessible, just in case you encounter one of the park’s furry residents while searching for moose.

Last but not least, a visit goes smoothly when you’re well-informed. Make it a routine to check the trail conditions before setting out. Changes in weather or wildlife movements can affect trail accessibility. Park rangers are fantastic resources for the latest trail updates, so stopping by a ranger station on your way to Fishercap Lake can provide you with the most current information for a safe and enjoyable hike.

Farewell to Fishercap’s Wonders

As I reflect on the time spent at Fishercap Lake, I’m reminded of the tranquil beauty that envelops you as you tread along the path. This hidden treasure in Glacier National Park holds adventures that will linger in your memory long after your visit. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a nature enthusiast, or someone seeking a moment of peace away from the busyness of life, the lake’s embrace is welcoming to all.

From the morning’s misty embrace to the evening’s calm, Fishercap gifts visitors with sights and sounds of the wild that are both rare and profound. You might catch the gentle wade of a moose and her calves or the quiet ripple of brook trout in the water. And while these moments are fleeting, they are reminders of the raw and untouched splendor of nature that calls for our appreciation and protection.

For those looking to experience the wonders that Fishercap Lake has to offer, I urge you to embark on this journey. Bring your sense of wonder, pack your bear spray, and don’t forget a camera to capture the heart-stirring scenes. Remember, the best time to see moose is in the early morning or early evenings when the wildlife is most active and the lake is at its most serene. As you set out, let the wilderness inspire you and remind you of the beauty our world holds. Safe travels and cherish every moment at this Glacier Park gem.

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