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Disney Lover’s Gift Guide for Adults

Boy, in 2020, no one was able to get their Disney fix and hopefully, things will get better soon, but we can all bring a little piece of Disney to our homes. The Disney lover’s gift guide for adults will satisfy, well maybe only a little, what we all love about Disney.

Let’s face it, Disney makes us happy. Mickey and Minnie are characters that we all grew up with. Characters that make us smile. And waking up to seeing your favorite Disney characters at your breakfast table or wearing your favorite Disney shirt can only make your day a little better.

So if you are a Disney lover or have that special person on your gift-giving list that seems to always be at Disney this list of ideas is for you.

Disney World Castle

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You can whine because you’re not at Disney or you can grab a bottle of your favorite wine and this glass and dream and plan your next Disney adventure.

This glass is one of my favorites too!

Character Breakfast at Home

We all love to start our day with a Disney character breakfast and we can add this to our morning routine even when we are at home with the Mickey or Minnie waffle maker. You can even have Frozen’s snowflakes and Olga treats too.

Disney Hidden Treasure Book

How much do you know about Disney or should I say how much do you miss when you are at Disney. Want to find all the hidden treasures around the Disney parks. Check out this book by Susan Veness, The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World.

You can read all about the over 600 secret things of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Next time you’re at the parks see how many of these treasures you can find.

Game Night

We all love to play games so when we are missing Disney, what’s better than spending time with family and friends and playing a Disney themed game. Here are some I bet any Disney lover would love to play.

Disney Tumblers/Bottles

A Disney inspired tumbler will make your coffee or any drink better. These tumblers will bring back all your Disney memories and you can also dream about your next trip.

We all need to drink lots of water to stay healthy, so what’s better than drinking it from a Disney character water bottle. There are so many characters to choose from. Here are some of my favorites and hopefully you will love them too!

Disney Clocks

Another great gift for any Disney fan would be a Disney clock. Wow, there are so many to choose from and after all, when seeing them on your wall it will remind you that it’s time to plan that trip and go to the “Happiest Place on Earth”!

Lunch Cooler

What else can make your day when at work then having lunch with your Disney lunch Cooler! It just has to bring a smile to your face.

Vintage Disney Gifts

Walt Disney’s original drawings and characters were hand-sketched in black and white. Here are some items that you will love if you appreciate and remember Disney’s simple beginnings.

Cheese/Cutting Boards

If you love to entertain, this Disney cheese board of Mickey will come in handy and will remind you of your adventures in the parks. Also, this is a vintage style cheese board. They both come with cheese tool accessory kits too.

For a great gift idea why not a cutting board/serving board in the shape of Mickey’s head with his magical expression. Any Disney enthusiast will just love it!

Rain Gear

All Disney lovers also love things they can wear and bring to the parks. Like rain gear, it’s a must-have and it’s always better when you have Disney rain gear to keep you dry.

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Disney Favorite Kitchen Items

There are so many things to choose from if you want your kitchen filled with your Disney favorites. From crock-pots, oven mitts, aprons, salt and pepper shakers, dish towels and so much more, your kitchen will be screaming I love Disney!

Disney Bathroom Décor

In addition to making your kitchen all Disney decked out, you can also add your favorite Disney items to make your bathroom feel like you’re at Disney too. Check out some of my favorites to decorate your bathroom.

Disney Apparel

When you really don’t know what to get someone and you’re out of ideas you can always buy a shirt. And what’s better then a Disney themed one. Here are some shirt ideas to wear on your next park adventure.

Happy Shopping

I hope these ideas for your Disney lover’s gift guide inspire you for all the people on your list. Your gift will be loved by Disney lovers. We all could use a little piece of Mickey and Minnie and all the Disney characters in our lives.

So happy Disney shopping!

Kathy xoxo

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Mickey & Minnie Mouse

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