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Explore the Best of America: What to Do in Each of the 50 States

The United States is a vast and diverse country, offering a unique array of experiences in each of its 50 states. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of urban adventures, the serenity of natural wonders, or the charm of historic towns, there’s something special waiting for you in every corner of the nation. From the bustling streets of New York City to the breathtaking landscapes of the Grand Canyon, this guide will take you on a journey across the U.S., highlighting the must-see attractions and activities in each state. Join us as we explore the best of America and discover what makes each state a unique and unforgettable destination. Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or looking for new adventures closer to home, this comprehensive guide will inspire you to explore the diverse beauty and culture that make the United States an extraordinary place to visit.

For other things to do in the United States see our article on fun Factory Tours in Every State.

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Exploring Yellowstone with Kids: An Unforgettable Family Adventure

There are so many things to do in Yellowstone with kids. It’s a land of geothermal wonders, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse wildlife, and is a treasure trove of adventure and discovery. Spanning over 2.2 million acres across 3 states, this iconic park offers endless opportunities for exploration and fun, making it an ideal destination for families with children.

Whether you’re marveling at the awe-inspiring geysers, hiking scenic trails, experiencing an old west cookout, swimming near a hot spring, or spotting majestic animals in their natural habitat, Yellowstone promises unforgettable memories for visitors of all ages. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the best activities and attractions to enjoy with kids, ensuring a magical and educational experience for the whole family.

Things to do in Yellowstone with Kids

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Discover the Magic of Wild Horses: 19 Places to See Them in the United States

Imagine standing in rugged, untouched landscapes as the sound of hooves echo in the distance. Wild horses, symbols of freedom and untamed beauty, gallop across the open plains, their manes flowing in the wind. The United States, with its diverse and expansive terrains, offers some of the most spectacular opportunities to witness wild horses in their natural habitats.

From the East Coast to the West, each location offers a unique glimpse into the lives of these wild herds. Whether you’re a seasoned wildlife enthusiast or a curious traveler, embarking on a journey to see wild horses is an unforgettable experience that connects you with nature.

The United States offers several remarkable locations where you can see wild horses in their natural habitat. Here are some of the best places to experience these majestic creatures:

Wild horses in Chincoteaque National Wildlife Refuge
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Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale National Park has been on my bucket list for years. You see I love seeing moose in the wild and read a long time ago that moose are on the island as well as many other species of wildlife. A national park since 1931, it’s one of the least visited national parks probably because it’s not easy to get to. It takes much planning, but it’s a wilderness paradise and once you go you will want to go back!

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A Guide to Maine’s Scenic Rail Trails: Where Nature Meets History

There are 20 rail trails in Maine established from former (some current) railroads ranging from 2 miles to almost 90 miles. These multi-use rail trails are all over the state through forests, farmland, and coastal areas.

When traveling, we always plan on biking on rail trails as we know we will be able to enjoy our ride as they are usually level. Many of them go through small towns and boost the economy of the area. You get to see and experience many cultures along the trails as many of them run through rural areas.

What is a rail trail?

A rail trail is a multi-use trail that usually has a level grade making it easy for everyone to ride. From biking, hiking, running, jogging, and even cross-country skiing these flat-level trails offer an easy way to enjoy the great Maine outdoors.

Many of the rail trails in Maine are also used for ATV riding, horseback riding, and snowmobiling.

man riding a bike

Many of the rail trails in Maine are also used for ATV riding, horseback riding, and snowmobiling.

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Rail Trails New York

With over 50 trails and many more proposed these trails are opening up all over the state including several upcoming trails in downstate New York.

The 750-mile Empire State Trail includes sections that are rail trails, but it is not exclusively a rail trail. The trail spans New York SRail Trails in New York have become very popular and an economic boost to many of the areas. tate from New York City to the Canadian border and from Albany to Buffalo, connecting various types of pathways including rail trails, canalway trails, and on-road sections. Rail trails, which are pathways converted from abandoned railway lines, form significant parts of this extensive trail network, especially along sections that follow historic canal routes and disused railways.

For the best information on rail trails in New York and other states, the Rails-to-trails Conservancy is a great resource. 

These recreational trail systems not only help many New Yorkers with fitness and health getting them into the great outdoors but also aid many small towns financially by the increased tourists.  

Here is a list of the Best Rail Trails in New York list by region:

New York Rail Trails Catskill Region

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Things To Do in Hershey PA (2024)

Are you going to Hershey Pennsylvania on vacation?

Here is a list of the best 26 things to do in Hershey PA. This list has everything going on in Hershey from family activities, to places to go for a girl’s weekend or even a couples’ getaway.

The best things to do in Hershey include Hersheypark, Chocolate World, 4D Chocolate movies, Create your own Chocolate Bar, Hershey Unwrapped, Chocolate Lab, The Hershey Story Museum, Hershey Trolley Show, Zoo America, Hershey Gardens, the Falconry Experience, Hersheypark Stadium and the Spa at Hotel Hershey.

More things to do not chocolate-related include Hershey Derry Township, Shank Park, Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, Echo Dell Indian Caverns, Cassel Vineyards, the Vineyards at Hershey, Troegs Brewing, golf and miniature golf, and of course shopping.

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    Day Trip to Mackinac Island

    We went on a day trip to Mackinac Island as part of a two-week vacation, or should I say experience, of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. There is so much to do in the UP and we couldn’t go there without going to see Mackinac Island, that would have just been crazy if we didn’t. So we took the ferry with our bicycles from St. Ignace.

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    Things To Do in The White Mountains, NH

    The New Hampshire’s white mountains are an incredible place to vacation. There is something for everyone, young and old, to see and do in this beautiful area surrounded by some of the highest mountains on the east coast. These are some of the destinations you should consider when planning your trip here.

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    Pennsylvania’s Pine Creek Rail Trail

    Pennsylvania’s Pine Creek Rail Trail is a 62-mile trail where you ride through the Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Built on the former Jersey Shore, Pine Creek, and Buffalo Railroad this hard-packed gravel surface trail runs through Tioga County and Lycoming County. It begins north of Wellsboro and ends in Jersey Shore. It is located in the Appalachian Mountains in the area called the PA Wilds.

    Voted the best rail trail by USA Today in 2001, this trail offers stunning scenery as you ride on a hard packed stone surface with only a 2% grade.  Running through the Tioga State Forest and Tiadaghton State Forest makes for a peaceful ride passing beautiful waterfalls and mountains along the way.

    This trail is multi-use so you can bike, hike, horseback ride (limited areas), or cross-country ski. The trail runs parallel to Route 6 from Wellsboro Junction to the Ansonia Access Area then goes through the Pine Creek Gorge and then parallels Route 414. There are many things to see along the way and after the gorge area, there are towns and restaurants to visit.

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